Yellow Bandana

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Yellow Bandana
Yellow Bandana

“I could take the high road

But I know that I'm goin' low

I'm a ban—I'm a bandito”

-Twenty One Pilots, Bandito

Are you one of Twenty One Pilots’ biggest fans? Is Trench one of your favorite albums of all time? Do you have Bandito on your playlist? If you answered yes to any of these, you’ve probably been looking for your very own Yellow Bandana. This awesome accessory is a must-have for any Twenty One Pilots fan’s wardrobe.

Trench was the fifth studio album released by Twenty One Pilots, and many fans believe it’s the best album they’ve compiled so far. Trench reached number one in six countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and more. It reached number two in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Clique Merch is a clothing brand inspired by the musical duo Twenty One Pilots. We reach out to Clique Artists around the world for their TOP inspired designs. Our artists design unique merchandise that we feature and sell at Clique Merch. We love giving our independent artists exposure for their work and providing affordable and stylish merchandise to the Clique.

At Clique Merch, you’re not just buying merchandise. You’re buying a work of art with a purpose behind it.

The Yellow Bandana

The Yellow Bandana is reminiscent of the bandanas worn by the duo. It’s done in the trademark yellow frequently used by the band, and which is on the Trench album cover.

It comes laid flat so that you can do with it whatever you wish.


You can wear your Yellow Bandana as the group does. It can also be used to bring up around your face to keep dust and wind at bay.

Bandanas are also great for hair coverings, used as a headband, a necktie, or even tied onto a handbag for decoration. Know a Twenty One Pilots fan? Wrap a small gift for them in this bandana! They’re guaranteed to be delighted.

Color and Material

The Yellow Bandana is yellow and made of 100% cotton.

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